About Me

A simple introduction

I may never find the right words to introduce myself, but I will give it a try: Hi, I’m Gabriel Mihalcea, born in the ’90s and I am super passionate about photography and binoculars (and telescopes, of course). My life has been eventful like a drama novel. Now I am trying to close some chapters of my life and open new ones.

Feel to read more about what I’ve managed to accomplish in life? (not so much though). Have a read on the About Us page 🙂


There was a way back I was super passionate about astronomy but that time never faded. I live in the UK at the moment (as I did in the past 5 years). Here, life denies me to focus on astronomy anymore and to have a big bulky telescope as I had back on my own country. I am originally from Romania, therefore, English is my second language. I hope I am doing ok?

Before the UK, I lived in the Czech Republic for a while, where I met the love of my life. We both moved here in Hastings, UK, where we live together. We do not have any children though (not yet, at least)

I am working in mental health services here in the UK (full-time) and I always spend my free time writing on one of the two blogs I own (this one and Photornia). My life achievement is to get both of the blogs recognised out there on the populated virtual world called the Internet, and create myself a full-time income so I can focus on what I love to do.

We all know about the Brexit and we have no idea where this will go and how is going to be my future here, but one another to-do list in life is to move permanently to Spain (as a freelance writer, working on my blogs of course). Speaking of the bucket list, you may get to know me better and my character from my life goals.



  • Leave my country before my ’20s
  • Move to another country and get a well-paid job
  • Buy my first DSLR (and the second)
  • Buy my first car with my own money
  • Find the love of my life
  • Learn to play guitar
  • Get at least once some of my photographs in the newspapers


  • Move permanently to Spain
  • Watch the Northen Lights
  • Visit Egipt and the pyramids
  • Visit New Zeeland
  • Buy a motorhome (caravan)
  • Have a full-time income from blogging and live free.
  • Spend a month on a ship on the ocean
  • Survive in the wild for two weeks
  • Climb Everest before my ’40s (I know is dumb…)
  • Marry
  • Travel the world in a caravan
  • Become popular on the internet