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Starting with my childhood, I was always in love with photography and binoculars. I laid hands on my first pair of binoculars over 20 years ago, when I was a child, and although the budget by then allowed me to buy only “cheap plastic binoculars” I had broken so many and dissembled only to create new ones, to experiment with the optics and learn.

About 12 years ago when I was much passionate by astronomy, I have had created my first refractor telescope at home (DIY) with some tutorials I found online. Although that project was only half successful due to the mirror (not so skilled though), it was a funny and lovely project to participate.

Moreover, my love for photography, binoculars and optics in general never faded. I have had quite a few pair of binoculars over the years and I do have some now, joined DSLR photography years back (and still in the present) and have had another dozen of lenses, I have had decided to create this blog because I want to reach one another level and help you and anyone in need with information as much as possible.

As a promise, I will really try to do my best to create a formidable blog with information about binoculars, scopes and telescopes. There is no reason in my life I should ever give up this blog, as my final goal is for this to be the blog number 1 on the internet about binoculars, no matter what it takes.



Before expert binoculars, I had created my first successful photography website where I put a tremendous amount of work behind, to create unique photography tips, guides and tutorials. The page is and will remain active and I will post here as well, as much the time allows me.

Expert Binoculars

I want to consider this as being or to be my second successful website, and I will work my every second towards the creating of unique content related to the website. My life goal would be to create the best binoculars blog on the internet and see the northern lights.


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