Recommended Gear

“The good gear on an average price matters more than to spend a fortune for something it may not reach your expectations.”

“The expensive gear is not always the best one.”

Recommended Gear

The internet and marketplaces are crazy selling thousands of different binoculars, monoculars, scopes and telescopes. So many reviews and so many different opinions, anyone may get confused at first.


Our aim is not to get you confused with spamming the links of all the products we came across but to help you and give you a general idea about what may be the best gear for you.

This page may contain Amazon Affiliate Links and when you make a purchase through our recommended gear we may get a small commission to keep us running. We do not sell directly any of the listed products but we recommend them.

Take photos with your binoculars

Photographing through binoculars can be difficult or impossible sometimes, but for us, it never been easier. I recommend you checking our guides and accessories to help you take better photos through binoculars

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