Should I Buy Binoculars with Camera? The Main Pros & Cons

should I buy binoculars with camera?

You may have noticed on the internet that there are for sale a lot of binoculars with camera incorporated. In this post I will try to cover every aspect of binoculars with camera and if it does worth buying.

Should I buy cheap binoculars with camera? The answer is NO, you should not invest into cheap binoculars with camera due to low video and photo capabilities on a cheap or average price range unless you want to invest in a good pair of binoculars with a camera, but you need deep pockets.

But before leaving this post as you may get your answer, let’s explore together all the possibilities, the positive and negative side of a pair of binoculars with a camera and if there is anything worth investing into.

Binoculars with camera, advantages and disadvantages

One little thing you may have noticed is the low-to-average price range of a pair of binoculars with camera, sometimes even cheaper than ones without a camera. What do you personally think about it, it is going to be good or bad in terms of quality?

This is a no-no! when you see binoculars with camera for sale on the internet for about $60-70 price range, just run from them. I am trying to help you here not lose your money, therefore, there are way too many disadvantages over the advantages of a cheap or average priced binoculars with a camera.

But let’s explore this a bit more, shall we?

Advantages of binoculars with camera.

  • You can take photos and record what you can see through
  • You may have a live view option rather than watching through the ocular lens
  • It may have a bit of image stability, but this is rarely the case.

Disadvantages of binoculars with camera

  • Low image and video quality for the average price
  • Bad battery life expectancy
  • Hard to take photos or film with the binoculars handheld
  • There are way too many “made in china” cheap versions which are only a waste of money.

The first thing I want to really mention is if you want to buy a better pair of binoculars with camera for wildlife or birdwatching, I would recommend looking for products no less than $200 (only a few of them they may meet the quality standards)

Some of the really good quality products can go even to a thousand more dollars in price. But yes, if you are wondering if that is worth buying and you have the money, I will definitely say YES.

But now let’s look a bit more into it, shall we?

Low price range (cheap) binoculars with camera.

When we look into the low and cheap section for those products, we may find on the internet on prices even under $50. Let me tell this straight, this is a big waste of money.

The reviews are rarely mixed but mostly negative reviews on these types of products.

A pair of cheap binoculars with camera may record low-resolution videos under 720p (which is a standard High Definition resolution – HD) and take still photos with the resolutions around one megapixel (more or less).

The images and videos are very soft, hard to observe any details in the video. Moreover, the binoculars quality may be bad as well.

Do not get me wrong, for small children usage and first experience, those may be okay to say, but before jumping forward and buying them, I will strongly recommend looking on the reviews of the product.

The battery life expectancy is around one hour on the majority of cheap camera binoculars. There is no image stabilisation as well, therefore, It would be difficult to film or photograph anything in this case.

The medium price range of binoculars with camera.

When we get into a medium price range as mentioned above, around $200 (more or less), we may get a bit of quality and may worth buying, but be sure you study the product before buying it.

We are getting mixed reviews towards positive, and some of the binoculars may worth buying. The optics behind are good, the camera may film about full-HD and take around 5mp photographs. It is not a bad choice after all

This would be similar to using a camcorder on the price range with optical zoom (only that they are binoculars, of course).

The batteries may run for several hours and it may have some image stabilisation some models out there.

As already mentioned, if you are doing birdwatching or nature observations, yes, you can invest in one of those, but have a good read before buying and be ready to return the item if it does not meet your standards.

The high price range and the reason behind.

This is something it worth investing, in special if you are a nature lover. But be ready to have deep pockets.

Those binoculars, some of them, may even have infrared and the possibility to record during the night. Some others may have a fancy 4K resolution and image stability.

When we add up the price, we add up the quality, better glass elements, good image sensors with better low-light capabilities, in general, better technologies overall. The batteries may run for several good hours and offer you an amazing experience with the possibility to record and photograph on a higher resolution.

What can you watch through binoculars with camera and what can you record?

In general, most of the things you may see through a normal binocular you can watch through a binocular with camera as well, however, this exclude any astronomical observations and hardly low light observations (you may be able to watch but not record)

This is because of the image sensor and low light capabilities. Think about DSLR cameras, how expensive they are and still a struggle to photograph handheld during the night. Binoculars with camera definitely won’t go any better than DSLRs when is about image sensor quality.

Therefore, if your aim is to buy binoculars with camera for nighttime observations (unless this has an infrared) I would not recommend it. For astronomical observations, I would not recommend buying any binoculars with a camera.

Binoculars with camera vs camcorder

A good pair of binoculars with a high-quality camera can be used in special wildlife observations and some like safari, where you will be able not only to observe the wild animals but to record them on a high-quality video too.

However, it is more a tie decision between investing in a good pair of binoculars with a camera or a good camcorder with optical zoom. The question is: do you want to observe wildlife through optical view or to watch on the screen of a device is enough when recording. Do you want to focus on the quality of the video or the observations more?

If your main focus is to get good high-quality footages, a camcorder may come in hand. An expensive camcorder matching the price of a good pair of binoculars with camera but outperform the video capabilities and quality (e.g. 4K format, optical zoom 40x, image stabilisation etc.)

But if your main focus is to observe wildlife through binoculars but you would like to get some footages out of that, then you should focus on buying one pair of good quality binoculars with a camera installed.

My absolute strong recommendation is to follow the quality guideline and never invest in something cheap which would underperform is most of the situations.

Related questions:

There may be alternatives to binoculars with camera where the market focus more on quality on a decent price range rather than a few companies who may want to push their products to a higher price range for a small market.

Although you may want or not to focus on binoculars with camera, still, before taking any decision have a look at the related questions and think if there may be an alternative for you.

Should I focus on buying scopes with camera?

Scopes with camera are a bit more common on the market than binoculars with camera. The scopes with camera manufacturers are focused in special on creating night vision scopes for nocturn observations and/or with custom zoom range rather than a fix magnification.

There are more advantages and more availability on the market when we look into thermal scopes also rather than thermal binoculars, making them perfect choices for hunters as well.

Attaching your phone to a pair of binoculars

The cheapest alternative than buying a pair of binoculars with camera is to DIY your binoculars or attach some 3rd party accessories which allows you to mount your mobile phone to the binocular’s eyepiece.

In reality, you may not get very high-quality footage or photographs out of it, and chromatic aberration may be visible, but this can be worked around with post-processing software and good quality images or videos can be obtained in the end if you use your mobile phone attached to a pair of binoculars.

Is attaching your DSLR to a telescope an option?

This can be easily done if you already have a DSLR camera and a telescope, which is an amazing option for not only astronomical and planetary observations and photographing but for terrestrial ones as well.

You may need a couple of accessories, but I would recommend having a read on this article from for more information covered about how to attach a DSLR to a telescope.

Sweet and nice. I hope you like this article and do not forget to give us a share to spread the love. Have a fantastic day everyone.

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